About Us

Nistec is a leading provider of electronic manufacturing & design services. 

Founded in 1985, the Nistec Corporation provides a full service from design to the end product including design, manufacture and assembly services. 

With its 860 employees, Nistec turn the dream into reality for a broad range of companies with regard to communication, medical, military, security, industrial, vehicle and more.

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Nistec is a leader in the delivery of innovative electronics manufacturing services (EMS).
We support high and low-mix PCB assembly for volumes that range from just a few prototype units, to modest quantities for pre-production, to hundreds of thousands in mass production.
Our assembly services are complemented by front-end testing and system assembly capabilities, delivering a complete electronic product to the end user.        Read more>>


Design & Layout

Nistec the largest firm of its kind in Israel, provides the highest quality custom PCB design and layout services.
With advanced technology development, and live support from our engineering teams and assembly lines, Nistec is instantly responsive to your product design needs, building in solutions that lower costs.       Read more>>



Nistec has inaugurated a new Electronic Manufacturing Plant in Ma'alot with an investment of approximately 41 Million NIS.   Read More>>


Nistec has leased an additional area of 300 m2 for the company plant in Petach Tikva, ISRAEL   Read More>>


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