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רובוט לדוגמה במפעל ניסטק מוקטן

  Electronics production contractor Nistec has begun using robots on its assembly lines. The robots automate processes at the plant in order to streamline work and boost output. A number of robots are already operating in different departments at the plant and in view of the project’s success, the company intends to invest about NIS 3 million in additional systems that will be installed on the...

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This one-day comprehensive Seminar addresses the fundamental theory and sample implementation practices for satisfying proper grounding design on PCBs. This Seminar is based on the 2nd Edition (2023) of the Book “Grounds for Grounding”. After the Seminar, the participant will acquire the basic theory and practical applications of grounding on PCBs, and how to balance the needs for all purposes. Registration now open: Seminar Agenda:

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סיור ילדים

Special Kids Technology Tour at Nistec Electronic factory in Petach Tikva. The children tour the production lines in the factory, learn about the production processes of electronic products and also assemble their own electronic product. For kids ages 10-14. To register:

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The PetPace smart collar is a non-invasive product for remote monitoring of the health of pets. The company from Shefayim that was founded in 2012,, has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm which uses advanced statistical models in order to change thousands of data from pets to useful and accessible health information. The collar continually tracks 7 biometric indices: pulse, breaths, temperature, changes to pulse (HRV),...

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