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Technology Seminar – Place and Route - the Art of PCB Design - Elya B. Joffe - 05-01-22. One of the key factors in the design of printed circuit boards (PCBs), particularly modern, high-speed PCBs, is the placement of components and routing of the traces. Modern high-speed PCBs are implemented as multi-layer boards, both due to the increased need for routing of an ever-increasing number...

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CropX, the precision agriculture company from Netanya that developed a crop field soil monitoring system, signed an agreement with the manufacturing contractor Nistec to manufacture thousands of soils sensors to be deployed across about 5 million dunams throughout the world. CropX developed a platform for crop field irrigation and fertilizer management. This is the first and only system in the world based on real-time collection of...

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Technology Course – Grounding and Shielding - The Essence of EMC Design – Elya B. Joffe – July 26-27-28, 2021 This three-day comprehensive course provides the trainees with the necessary tools for identification, analysis and understanding of the electromagnetic phenomena related to electronic equipment and system-level grounding and shielding. The unique technology course will be held at Dan Accadia Hotel, Herzliya. Course Program: Registration now open: Due to the...

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