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The manufacturing contractor has received orders totaling approximately 10 Million NIS for manufacturing motorized electronic systems, following the upgrade process that was carried out at its Production Plants and the receipt of the IATF 16949 Manufacturing Standard certification of the Automotive Industry. The Nistec Group began operating in the Automotive Sector, and during the last weeks it has won several manufacturing projects worth more than 10...

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ניסטק צפון חדש

The Nistec Group completes a comprehensive procurement journey comprising technological production equipment amounting to a sum of approximately 18 Million NIS in the last two years. The Company has announced an additional acquisition of three SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Component Placement Machines manufactured by Samsung (among them Chip Shooters), an innovative Printer manufactured by DEK (England) and an additional Reflow (Soldering) Oven manufactured by Heller (USA). The...

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תמונת רקע סיור עם קוואליטק

The Nistec Group and QualiTech will host a unique technological tour in assembly lines and standardization labs for electronic boards and products. During this tour, you will be able to see electronic producing lines and processes, standardization tests, and how to design your electronic product to best fit the assembly and standardization certifications. The tour will enable you to acquire extensive knowledge from the field, which will...

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