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המעגל האלקטרוני Halo של חברת ELSIGHT

Or Yehuda-based high-tech company Elsight, a developer of advanced connectivity solutions for drones, has signed an agreement with the Nistec North plant in Maalot-Tarshiha to produce thousands of advanced communications platforms with Artificial Intelligence for drones   Elsight has developed a Halo product for drones and other unmanned vehicles to operate Beyond Visual Light of Sight (BVLOS) by sharing four mobile networks, radio frequency (RF), and satcom...

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משה נצר

This one-day course provides the trainees with the ESD design techniques, evaluation and test methods, in order to preclude the threats of static electricity to sensitive electronic devices, printed circuit boards and assemblies. The Course provides the know-how for purchasing and designing reliable electronic devices, printed circuit boards and assemblies, and establishing a complete ESD control program in development and production facilities and maintenance shops. Registration now...

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The Nistec Central plant in Petah Tikva has announced that it has succeeded in assembling the world’s thinnest electronic circuit, with a thickness of just 0.05 mm. For the sake of comparison, a standard electronic circuit is 32 times thicker, at 1.6 mm. The fully flexible circuit is used in a miniature wireless medical implant, which is inserted into the patient’s heart by catheterization to...

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