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Technology Seminar – Power Integrity Considerations in Product Design – Elya B. Joffe – 16-05-22. The design, manufacture and simulation of a Power Distribution Network (PDN) for such systems become an increasing design challenge. A large number of supply voltages and signaling levels is used, while the permissible noise on signals and power supply rails decreases. This implies that the design of a power distribution network...

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רקע וובינר PCBFLOW

Tel Aviv, Israel, Feb 27 - Siemens Digital Industries and Nistec today announced they have signed an agreement for distribution in Israel of Siemens' PCBflow simulation tools. The unique agreement, signed at the Siemens offices in Israel, will be performed between Nistec and the Siemens Verification Division (Siemens DISW), which provides simulation tools for electronic circuits. This division is comprised of the Israeli company Valor,...

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רקע לאתר אינטרנט

Technology Seminar – Place and Route - the Art of PCB Design - Elya B. Joffe - 05-01-22. One of the key factors in the design of printed circuit boards (PCBs), particularly modern, high-speed PCBs, is the placement of components and routing of the traces. Modern high-speed PCBs are implemented as multi-layer boards, both due to the increased need for routing of an ever-increasing number...

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Cropx Small Photo

CropX, the precision agriculture company from Netanya that developed a crop field soil monitoring system, signed an agreement with the manufacturing contractor Nistec to manufacture thousands of soils sensors to be deployed across about 5 million dunams throughout the world. CropX developed a platform for crop field irrigation and fertilizer management. This is the first and only system in the world based on real-time collection of...

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