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Nistec has agreed on a technological joint venture with Valor (Siemens) for development of an innovative DFM product

The technological joint venture will take place between Nistec and Siemens Verification Division which supplies simulation tools for electronic circuits. This division is comprised of the Israeli company Valor which was sold to Mentor Graphics and acquired in 2016  by Siemens Global in return for 4.5 billion dollars. Valor, which was assimilated into Siemens, provides software solutions for three development stages of the electronic circuit starting from the design stage, through the fabrication stage and ending with the assembly stage.

According to Siemens the new product developed in collaboration with Nistec Petach Tikva should significantly upgrade the software portfolio that it offers to hi-tech companies developing electronic products. It claims that the solution will assist it in becoming better established in the field of simulation of the production of electronic circuits. The new tool, that shall be called Siemens PCBFlow and shall be launched in January 2021, will enable the receipt of a faster simulation within one hour for compatibility of the data of the electronic circuit design with the production constraints and its assembly.

The electronic circuit design data shall be uploaded to the innovative system which operates on a “cloud” environment, will undergo testing of compatibility using thousands of production rules that have been assimilated in the tool and within one hour only the customer will receive a graphic report noting the design errors and a specification of the recommendations for repair of the circuit. In this way, defective production of the electronic circuit shall be prevented and thereby it will be possible to shorten the development rotations, and send the electronic product into the market more speedily.

“The advantage of the new system is the customer’s ability to receive a very speedy status situation as to the electronic development compatibility for production” adds Shirley Segev, Valor’s Marketing Manager. “This is a project with great importance for Siemens and includes an entire offering with a solution for the customer which will help him accelerate its innovation. The joint venture with Nistec will enable us to examine the system by a wide variety of technologies for each cycle of the lifespan of the electronic circuit from the design stage, through fabrication and until assembly”.

“We are very happy that Siemens has chosen us for the joint venture for this innovative product” said Arbel Nissan, Nistec’s VP Marketing and Sales. “Valor has a great reputation and has been a global leader in the simulations industry for design of electronic circuits for many years. The possibility of taking part of a project that will help thousands of development engineers worldwide arouses in us great pride”.