The announcement was released after a number of trials had been undertaken to assembly the component at the company’s Petach-Tikva, Israel, plant for several customers in the mobile market.

The item in question is component known as 01005 and has the following dimensions – Length: 0.4 millimeters, width: 0.2 millimeters, height: fluctuates between 0.1 millimeter (resistor) and 0.2 millimeters (capacitor). The component weighs only 0.04 milligrams.

During the trials the company had to contend with a number of technological challenges, including the application of precisely 0.1 millimeters (100 microns) of soldering paste, the construction of a designated, uniform soldering platform for the component, etc.

“I am delighted that we succeeded in overcoming this complex challenge”, remarked Arbel Nissan, the Group’s VP of Marketing “It attests to the high technological capability of the workers and the technologies on the production line and I am convinced that even greater achievements await us down the road”