Nistec has assembled a 2 Mil thick PCB

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The Nistec Group has announced that it has succeeded in executing an assembly of a 2 Mil thick (0.05 mm) PCB. This 10 mm by 1.2 mm sized PCB was assembled for a client within the field of medical equipment.

The PCB encompassed several special technological challenges: the utilization of components present within a 01005 package with a size of 0.2 mm by 0.4 mm per component, the assembly of a component within a micro-BGA package where the distance between the leads (Pitch) is 16 Mil (0.04 mm), and all this on a 2 Mil (0.05 mm) thick flexible PCB.

For comparison, a standard PCB has an average thickness of 1.6 mm, that is, 320 times thicker than the tiny PCB that was assembled. “This is a significant milestone for us”, stated Arbel Nissan, the Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer of the Nistsec Group. “In light of the miniaturization of electronic products demanding greater functionality in a smaller space, we are required to find creative technological solutions as well as suit the development to the production floor. We anticipate that this trend will only intensify in the foreseeable future”.