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Nistec shall manufacture thousands of units of the PetPace smart collar for monitoring the health of pets

The PetPace smart collar is a non-invasive product for remote monitoring of the health of pets. The company from Shefayim that was founded in 2012,, has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm which uses advanced statistical models in order to change thousands of data from pets to useful and accessible health information. The collar continually tracks 7 biometric indices: pulse, breaths, temperature, changes to pulse (HRV), calories, activity and positions and also transfers GPS data to locate the pet. The collar is waterproof, weighs only 45 grams and works up to 40 days between charges.

After more than a decade of research, development and issuing patents, PetPace shall manufacture and sell tens of thousands of collars for customers worldwide. The manufacture of the collars shall take place in the Nistec North plant in Maalot that has already received orders to manufacture 10,000 units of the product. The manufacture includes assembly of electronic circuits, electricity testing and mechanical assembly of the lead until receipt of the final product. Nistec has been supporting the company from the manufacturing stage of the prototype of the collar, and is assisting PetPace to adapt the manufacturing conditions which include laser soldering and the use of special materials and adhesives. The collar is manufactured with a high finish and with total  opacity, this in the light of the strict environmental conditions required for the product, when the pet wears it continually for years.

“The product is very challenging as regards manufacture and includes several special processes that we have developed in the plant, such as integration of special casts, laser soldering, implementation of Piezo sensors in the collar and more, this is order to comply with the high quality requirements as a medical product and the environmental conditions of the collar” says Waspy Armaz, CEO of Nistec North. “I thank Lior Avraham the CEO and PetPace for the faith that he has placed in us, and we will do everything possible for the success of the product and the company.

Lior Avraham, CEO PetPace: “PetPace ensures the health and the quality of life of pets. For this purpose we have developed an innovative product for dogs and cats, while using the most advanced technologies. The instinct of animals is to hide weakness, pain and diseases. With the help of the smart collar we enable them and their owners a better quality of life. We are happy with the joint venture with Nistec North which are doing excellent work, and we anticipate manufacture of tens of thousands of collars in the coming years”.