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Nistec has embedded advanced manufacturing technology Industry 4.0 in the company’s factory in Petach Tikva

The Nistec Center plant has recently embedded advanced production technologies into the production floor of the company’s plant. As part of this, the company moved to a full digital manufacturing portfolio throughout the supply chain from warehouse, production lines, engineering, procurement to finished products. The new workstations installed throughout the plant will allow every employee to view the project data in real time in a fast and friendly manner as well as report the work done by him. All data is transmitted to secure company servers and translated into valuable information for project managers to view and monitor project progress and meet customer delivery times.

Some of the information will also be available to the customer for viewing at any given moment through the Nistec mobile app (Google Store). The customer will be able to watch his project progress in the company’s production lines in a transparent and reliable manner.

“This is our first major step in integrating digital technologies into the production line,” said Elad Nissan, plant manager, “We are already seeing a significant improvement in the workload and shortening of customer downtime, and in this we are planning and examining the introduction of more advanced technologies and a wider transition into the digital production world.”