Nistec Kids Live Tour project – to date 500 kids have been exposed to the world of electronics and technology

This week we hosted at our electronics plant in Petach Tikva, Israel another 32 cute kids. During the tour the children heard about the development and production process of an electronic product, from the planning stage and until the end product. The children visited the production lines in the plant and assembled an electronic product of their own. At the conclusion of the visit the children received a variety of surprises and a “Young Engineer” certificate.

Within the framework of the Kids Live Tour project we have hosted at our electronics plant to date 500 kids who have been exposed experientially and directly to the world of electronics and technology. The entire project is free of charge and is a contribution to the community.

“We consider the encouragement of children’s curiosity in the field of electronics as important. These young seeds that we are planting today in the children’s hearts, will germinate during their lives….” said Nistec’s VP Marketing Arbel Nissan “Israeli hi-tech is the growth engine of the economy and we, as a leading group in the field, are committed to contributing to its development and prosperity”.