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Yitzhak Nissan

Founder & CEO

Yitzhak Nissan founded Nistec in 1985. Mr. Nissan creates the company’s strategic vision and set its course. Mr. Nissan is a long-time leader in the Israeli electronics market, having served as a Presiding Member of the Israeli Association of Electronics and Software Industries.


Arbel Nissan

Nistec Design, CEO & 

Chief Marketing Officer

Arbel Nissan, who joined Nistec in 2004, sets strategy for Nistec’s growth, cultivating opportunities in new and existing markets. He leads the company’s business development through market and customer insight, corporate positioning, branding, advertising, solution marketing, and partner development.


 Elad Nissan

Nistec Merkaz, CEO

Elad Nissan joined Nistec in June of 2010 as customer-program manager. In his current role as Nistec Merkaz’s plant manager, he is responsible for all aspects of manufacturing including new product introduction, manufacturing test and supply chain management to ensure that the plant production targets are met.

eli yaffe web

Eli Yaffe

Eltek, CEO

Eli Yaffe, has joined Eltek as CEO in July 2018. Prior to joining Eltek, Eli served as the CEO of Carmel Forge Ltd. (Aerospace), and prior thereto he served as the CEO of Urdan Industries Ltd. (Defense). In his previous roles, Mr. Yaffe served as VP of Business Development & Strategic Planning, responsible for strategy, M&A, and business development at Ormat Industries Ltd.


 Waspy Armaz

 Nistec Zafon, CEO

Waspy Armaz joined Nistec at 2008 through the acquisition of Tapi. As Nistec Zafon’s plant manager, Mr Armaz is responsible for all manufacturing, purchasing and distribution operations. He ensures achievement of business objectives and production schedules while guaranteeing product standards that exceed our customers’ expectations.


Rafi Abbasov

Nistec Golan, CEO

Mr. Abbasov joined Nistec in 2009. As Nistec Golan’s plant manager, Mr. Abbasov is responsible for all manufacturing, purchasing and distribution operations, ensuring plant production goals, achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction and fostering a well-trained and motivated staff.



Naomi Ojalbo

Chief Human Resources Officer

Naomi Ojalbo joined Nistec in 2000 as Chief Human Resources Officer. The most important asset of any business is the people; Ms. Ojalbo and her HR team deliver innovative, best-in-class programs that help make Nistec one of the best workplaces in the industry.


Nir Schwartz

 Chief Information Officer

Nir Schwartz who joined Nistec in 2000, aligns Nistec’s information technology strategy with the company’s business goals. Ensuring strategic investments in integrated IT tools and processes drive Nistec customers’ success.


Moti Sidon

Chief Quality & Technology Officer

Moti Sidon joined Nistec in 2006 as Chief Quality and Technology Officer — implementing strategic plans, supervising quality assurance personnel and auditing programs according to rigorous standards.

Clients testimonials

This is what our clients say about us

"Hi Arbel,

I would like to thank Nistec, and especially Evgeny, for the great, professional and efficient service we received on the PCB layout of our board.

I hope we will strengthen our cooperation and we will continue to receive great service such as this in future projects.

Thank you"

Yaron N.

March 3, 2021

"Dear Rafi,

I wanted to update you that the boards for our first order have been accepted.

The collaboration was very successful.

It is important to note Yelena Rakir’s work from Nistec Golan. I really admire her professionalism and her caring.

She found fast solutions and ensured to update us during every important stage.

The support for the process on the part of Yelena was decisive and without doubt we will want to receive this support throughout all our joint work together.

Yours, Shahar"

Shahar C.
June 26, 2020


We finished the layout on Thursday.

I wanted to thank you and Benny

We are very satisfied with Benny’s work - his professionalism, his caring and his can do attitude.

As usual it was great working with him

Thank you very much"

Kosta M.
July 12, 2021

"Good morning Elad

I am Yair from the NPI Team and I work in collaboration with Zion Tahan from Nistec Centre.

I would like to raise several points regarding our work with Zion.

Zion is a dedicated and precise person in all matters relating to testing of the kits, support, production and supply on time. He is always available, takes care of the products as if they were his own personal projects and always completes data in the time required.

The experience of working with him is enjoyable and pleasant, and in all matters relating to supply of products on time Zion always surprises us in a good way and ensures to send the products in the shortest time required.

Apart from this in the event that there are changes during production of the product, we have never heard a complaint or annoyance but rather only patience and good service orientation on his part.

I would like to draw your attention to this positive service experience and to praise Zion.

Thanks you and have a good week."

Yair P.
August 6, 2021

"Dear Arbel, Elad and Evgeny,

I would like to thank Nistec Design for the qualitative and strenuous work which was carried out in the design of the EPF  PCB for our company.

The employees’ enlistment to perform the work, their collaboration as well as the devotion to the customer’s intents and desires are remarkable.

I would like to thank Arkady and Tanya personally for their dedicated work in the project.

Looking forward for further productive work with the Nistec Group,

Thank you"

Shlomi R.
May 28, 2021