Nistec has notified today that it has carried out a successful experiment in assembly of the smallest active component using SMT technology. The component , BGA type sized 1.8 x 2.1 mm has 30 soldering balls and the distance (pitch) between each soldering ball to the next (pitch) is only 0.35 mm (13.5 mil). The component was assembled on a board at Nistec’s Assembly Office, for a customer in the communications field.

“This assembly is the highlight of our technological achievements” said Michael Schneider, a technologist from Nistec Central, “The board is also very challenging in the light of the fact that it is not homogenous and also contains larger components which require a significantly different quantity of solder from that of the small component”. Michael added “We were required to use utmost precision when spreading the soldering emulsion of 50 microns, the definition of the stencil classified at a thickness of 3 mil as well as definition of the aperture so that it will be larger than the surface of the pad and enable optimal soldering”.

The success of the experience allows the customer to rely on the special component in the Company’s new and tiny products which will shortly be marketed worldwide.