Nistec is launching a new project for customers: a free technological tour of the assembly plant and standardization laboratories for electronic boards and products.

During this tour the participants will visit the assembly lines at the Nistec plant in Petach Tikva as well as the standardization laboratories of the adjacent QualiTech company.

The tours entitled “Reliability Live Tour” will take place on Tuesdays in two time slots on January 20th and  February 3rd2015.

The topics to be taught during the unique tour are reliability and quality in design and assembly of electronic products and their effect on the standardization tests for the product.

“The promotion of technology in the hi-tech industry is always on the Nistec Group’s table and we are doing our utmost to expose the engineers to useful technological information which at the end of the day will help them to develop better products in the shortest time possible”, says Nissan Arbel, the Group’s VP Marketing, “over and above the planning and assembly service that we offer our customers we also see ourselves as having the obligation to supply them with technological enhancement in interfacing fields that will enable them to promote their products over those of their global competitors”.