The Nistec group carried out extensive equipping with new and advanced machinery for its assembly plants in Petach-Tikva, Ma’alot and Katzrin. Within this framework, Nistec acquired 9 machines at a total cost of approximately 6.5 million NIS.

Nistec purchased 3 new state of the art machines by SAMSUNG. The SM482 models have 6 heads each and are able to assemble up to 28,000 components in one hour! Along with the machinery, smart feeders have also been purchased, enabling automatic loading of components on the machines, as well as loading carts for SETUP, saving time in loading the project, conveyor belts, etc.  The machinery will be installed during the months of May – June 2015 at the Nistec North plant in Ma’alot, and will assist in meeting the plant’s increasing rates of orders and the move into the new building.

The USA Nordson Co. will provide Nistec with 6 AOI machines, some of the most advanced internationally. The FX940 AOI models (Automatic Optical Inspection) have 5 cameras each and allow high resolution 3-D photography (9 megapixels!) of the components on the printed circuit board. The machinery will be installed at the Nistec assembly plants in Petach-Tikva, Ma’alot and Katzrin during the months of June – July 2015.

“We want to give our customers the highest level of service,” said Mr. Yitzhak Nissan, CEO of Nistec: “The new equipment will allow us to reduce delivery times to customers while maintaining extremely high quality”.