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דוח AOI

A new quality system has been developed and installed in the Nistec Golan plant in Katzrin. The system enables collection and analysis of quality data in real time from the machines on the production line. Every electronic circuit receives a serial number and the results of the test are transferred automatically to the data collection system. Based on the data a graph can be received with the production...

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This week we hosted at our electronics plant in Petach Tikva, Israel another 32 cute kids. During the tour the children heard about the development and production process of an electronic product, from the planning stage and until the end product. The children visited the production lines in the plant and assembled an electronic product of their own. At the conclusion of the visit the...

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Nistec will hold a unique technology seminar in the subject of Power Integrity Considerations in Product Design. The seminar will be held at the Daniel Hotel in Herzliya, Israel at 09/02/2017 and will be presented by the lecturer Mr. Elya B. Joffe. This one-day comprehensive Seminar addresses the methods for controlling and satisfying power integrity concerns.This Seminar will help the participants identify the concepts of power distribution...

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The Nistec Group has made an additional investment in new and advanced machines for its assembly and production plants in Petach Tikva, Maalot and Katzrin. Within this framework Nistec has purchased 5 machines at an overall cost of some NIS 3 million. Within the framework of equipping itself Nistec has purchased 2 Siemens (Germany), state-of-the-art placement machines. The machines of the prestigious model Siplace SX enable...

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Nistec will hold a unique technology seminar in the subject of Connecting with the Internet of Things (IOT). The seminar will be held at the Daniel Hotel in Herzliya, Israel at 12/12/16 and will be presented by Mr. Israel Ron who is a renowned expert in IOT. The seminar will describe a comprehensive picture of the IOT world and cover key technologies, major communication issues, key...

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The training will take place on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at the Nistec Group Head Office in Petach Tikva. The objective is to provide practical information as to how to manage the supply chain in a dynamic market, to shorten production and purchasing times, and to become familiar with the assembly process of the electronic board.  The Nistec Group and the components distributor company Digi-Key, shall...

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